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Core Values


  • Responsibility

    In China Meheco, each staff shares responsibility with the company in accomplishing every assignment with efficiency, quality and success, by joining efforts and sharing creative ideas with his or her team. In our company, nothing is left untended, everyone takes duty with care.

  • Integrity

    True in word and resolute in deed, we in China Meheco take integrity to be the foundation of self-fulfillment and of whatever possible achievement. Ever honest with whoever we deal with, ever trusted we'll be by whoever knows us.

  • Collaboration

    It's tolerance that enriches us, understanding that coordinates us, and unity that let us flourish. There is no inter-personal, inter-departmental boundary that may hinder the sharing of our career , our undertaking and our success.

  • Efficiency

    We advocates pragmatic, efficient, vigorous and resolute ways of work. Our management ideal is a system of simplicity, speed and effective control.