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Key Milestones

  • 2010’s


    By means of equity-swap, the company Henan Topfond Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd .. By means of issuing new shares, the company purchased Hubei Keyi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and other companies. By means of overall trusteeship, the company absorbed General Technology Group Pharmaceutical Holding Co., Ltd. After the integration and restructuring, the company greatly enhanced its strength in pharmaceutical industry and pharmaceutical business. A tripartite industrial pattern of coexistence and collaborative development of pharmaceutical manufacture, distribution and international trade was set up.


    The company's annual revenues exceeded ten billion yuan, and total profit exceeded 500 million yuan, both reaching a new record.


    China Meheco became the holding company of Xinjiang Tianshan Pharmaceutical Industry Co., Ltd., symbolizing that China Meheco has taken firm steps into the field of modernized Chinese Traditional Medicine.


    Meheco Wante integrated Guangzhou Daguang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. in the form of capital increase and share expansion, and formed Guangdong Meheco Daguang Wante Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., to further consolidate the leading position of the company in pharmaceutical business in Guangdong.

  • 2000’s


    China Meheco became the holding company of Beijing Meheco Yonstron Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and Guangdong Meheco Wante Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., gaining a high-level access to pharmaceutical distribution market.


    China Meheco Corporation was renamed China Meheco Co., Ltd. (Ticker Symbol: China Meheco; Stock Code: 600056)


    China Meheco became the holding company of Meheco Baitai Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd., whose marketing network system of medical diagnostic reagents covered Beijing, Hebei and Henan.


    China Meheco achieved effective docking between high-quality medical assets and the capital market, through listing in Shanghai Stock Exchange. Meanwhile, it became the holding company of Hainan Genertec Sanyang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., and achieved a substantial breakthrough in the transition to the pharmaceutical industry.


    China Meheco was reformed into a limited liability company, and renamed China Meheco Corporation.

  • 1990’s


    China Meheco joined GENERTEC, playing the key role in the expansion into medical and health industry.

  • 1980’s


    The head office of China Meheco broke off relations with all local branches and started the independent operation.


    China National Medicines & Health Products Import & Export Corporation (precursor of China Meheco) was established in Beijing and engaged in the nationwide industrial coordination and management in foreign economic relations and trade in the field of medical and health products.