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Pharmaceutical business

China Meheco is a domestic leading distributor of pharmaceutical and health care products in China, and it has strong terminal network coverage. Pharmaceutical business has been maintaining a rapid development over the years, and it is an important development force in China.
   Through the integration of international and domestic network resources, China Meheco, taking the advantage of "bringing in and going out" and R&D production platform, has gradually established a pharmaceutical business system with strong terminal network coverage and industrial value chain integration synergies taking high-end and characteristic varieties as the core. Today, the company has products integrating and introducing capabilities, distribution network management capabilities, control capabilities for terminal channel and academic promotion capabilities for high-end products.
   The company has established the pharmaceutical business sales network systems in North China, Northeast China, South China, Central China, East China, and Northwest China based in Beijing, Guangdong, Henan, Hebei, Jiangxi and Xinjiang, which has covered the vast majority of local terminal medical institutions, generating strong market visibility and brand influence. In Central China and East China and other regions, the company has established famous-brand retail chain pharmacies, forming a strong retail chain sales network.
  Supported by general agency and exclusive distribution, the company has gradually established a nationwide pharmaceutical business distribution network system. Today, thanks to its robust terminal sales integration capabilities, it can provide the upstream customers with terminal sales planning programs for their medical and health products.
  Owning its large pharmaceutical logistics centers in Beijing, Guangdong, Henan and other places, the company can provide customers with high-quality supply chain management and warehousing logistics management program; with advanced information technology level, the company can provide the upstream and downstream customers with value-added services and solutions.

The company is also eligible for new rural cooperative medical system (NCMS) distribution, third-party pharmaceutical modern logistics qualification, vaccine operation qualification, toxic drugs and various medicines and medical equipment operation qualification. The company's products cover 15,000 varieties, including western medicine preparations, chemical raw materials, Chinese patent medicines, Chinese herbal pieces, medical equipment, medical supplies, biological products, nutrition and health care products; in addition, the company maintain a long-term and stable relations of cooperation with Bayer, Pfizer, GlaxoSmithKline, Merck, Beckmann and many other domestic and foreign production enterprises.